We Help Businesses Gain Online Presence

Using websites and social media strategies that suit their needs. From simple business card website to commerce solutions.

Instant Business Card Site Service

Instant Business Card Site

A simple yet effective, single page site that put essential information about your business in front of your visitor. Quickly engage your potential customers with direct call-to-action on the page. One business day turnaround!

Full Featured Website service

Full Featured Website

Website with rich content to showcase your product or service catalogue, along with company introduction, portfolio, client testimonials, case studies, structured in a way to effectively generate leads to your business.

Ecommerce Service


From testing the water with a few products, to putting a full product catalogue to sell online, we build PCI compliant e-commerce stores to help businesses to expand their sales channels.

Instant Business Card Site

Get Your Company Online in One Business Day!

Our Instant Business Card Site is an efficient way to make your core business information available online.

The efficiently designed, mobile friendly one page site removes the burden of coming up with a design from scratch.  All you need to provide are a few sentences about your business, the products and services you offer, and optionally portfolio images and testimonials.

Full Featured Website

Start Building a Lead Generation or Sales Funnel.

A full featured website is one of the most important component in your marketing strategy.  Properly designed site allows your potential customers to easily discover your product and services, keeping them engaged, and generate leads.

Coupled with our Digital Marketing solutions, building integration across multiple digital platforms will give you a holistic view of your online audience behavior, allowing us to identify new opportunities as well as ways to strengthen relationship with your existing customers.

High level traffic performance reporting and Basic SEO (Search engine submission, title and meta tagging, URL optimization, content optimization) are included.


Let your Customers Purchase Anytime, Anywhere.

Having an e-commerce store is a strong message to your audience that your brand is innovative.  It automatically opens up opportunities that are traditionally limited by the location of your business.  An optimized online purchase experience allows you to capture customers interest and go through the checkout process with ease.

Customer behavior metrics are collected to measure the effectiveness of sales funnels and identify opportunities for improvement.  Return on Ad Spend can be measured accurately when integrating with our Digital Marketing solutions.

Customer First

We are Experienced

40 years of combined experience in Information Technology, our team is ready to tackle projects on various technologies.

We are Timely

Just like any projects, major milestones are established with our clients to ensure we are all investing our time in the most efficient manner.

We are Quality

All of our projects are backed by a warranty period as described in our client agreements.

We Deliver Exceptional Digital Solutions for Your Business

Analytics Driven

Applying analytical models on strategically defined metrics to identify opportunities leading to improved business outcome.

Return on Investment

Maximize your return on investment through continuous improvement of your lead acquisition journey.

Business Growth

Grow your online presence by enriching existing footprint, or laterally by expanding into other channels.

Worry Free Maintenance

Technical maintenance is included in our service contract.

Ready to Lead, Convert, and Grow?